About us

The Artificial Intelligence and Health Research Unit (IA&SAÚDE) is a research unit in which the Scientific and Technological Development activities of the Instituto Politécnico de Saúde do Norte (IPSN), of the Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, Politécnico e Universitário, CRL (CESPU)


IA&SAÚDE's mission is to generate, disseminate and apply scientific and technological knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Computing applied to Health.

In pursuit of its mission, the objectives of IA&SAÚDE aims:

   a. To develop Scientific Research and Technological Development (R&D) activities in the defined area of ​​activity;

   b. To promote cooperation, partnerships and scientific exchange with other national and international institutions, networks and researchers;

   c. To promote the dissemination and discussion of the research developed;

   d. To promote the articulation between research and teaching provided by CESPU teaching establishments, and/or other partner entities and institutions;

   e. To promote innovation in research and the transformation of knowledge into economic value;

   f. To promote advanced training in the area of ​​activity of IA&SAÚDE;

   g. To develop activities for the provision of specialized services that provide opportunities for the enhancement of knowledge, technological development, scientific research and innovation.