Management and Health


Health realities and challenges are complex, and the responses we seek to build and develop must be aligned with everyone's expectations, based on transparent and rigorous indicators and outcomes. Proposals and health care reforms must be implemented consistently to ensure equity, avoid waste, and promote efficient management and use of health services or systems. Measures are needed to ensure the economic and financial sustainability of such systems, innovative and disruptive perspectives with a focus on people, their opinions and suggestions through participatory and mobilizing leadership. Health systems achievements have been extraordinary, but today there are new challenges, new realities and new contexts that justify new options. Of concern is the sustainability of health interventions, given the evolution of population needs and in view of the new technological and pharmacological approaches to health care.

Major Research lines

• Line 1 - Health Policy and Future-oriented and Sustainable Health Management Systems; and

• Line 2 - Cross-Industry Innovations for Global Coping ( e.g. the role of different psychological coping mechanisms in mental and physical health).