Advanced Courses

Executive Master in Management and Entrepreneurship in dental medicine

1. Develop knowledge in the area of management and administration of dental clinics;
2. Acquire tools for strategic, tactical and operational planning, based on evidence, to achieve clinical and financial results;
3. Develop an ethical and legal professional practice in the field of exercising management skills;
4. Develop leadership strategies that promote change processes that add value to services and organizations;

Post-Graduation in Hospital Operations, Logistics and Maintenance Management

1. Develop skills and knowledge about the main aspects related to Operations Management, Logistics and Hospital Maintenance;
2. Know the most relevant decision and information instruments in health logistic systems;
3. Develop innovation strategies and change processes that add value to services and organizations.

Pedagogical coordination: Nuno Araújo

Post-Graduation in Family Health Nursing

1. Understand the family as an open system and component of the care unit;
2. Understanding the life cycle of the family, identifying normative crises and accidental crises;
3. Develop knowledge to assess and intervene in different family typologies;
4. Develop methods and techniques for interaction and communication with the family and health teams;
5. Reflect on family mutation and different contexts of caring for the family;
6. Reflect on the evidence of the evidence.

Post-Graduation in Advanced Intervention in Wound Prevention and Treatment

1. Preparing professionals to be able to plan and intervene, in multidisciplinary teams, in the person with a wound;
2. Preparing and training for adequate intervention in the problems of people with wounds based on a multidimensional vision;
3. Promote the continuous improvement of the quality of care based on the scientific knowledge of health professionals;
4. Encourage research and production of knowledge in the health area and in particular on research on assessment and intervention in wounds.

Post-Graduation in Emergency and Trauma Nursing

- Update scientific, theoretical and practical knowledge, which underlies clinical nursing practices in emergency and trauma situations;
- Promote critical reflection on nursing care in urgent and emergency situations, proposing alternatives aimed at quality care and providing quick decision-making in order to maintain life;
- Develop skills that promote attitudes of reflection on professional practices.

Pedagogical coordination: Filipe Fernandes

Post-Graduation in Occupational Nursing

1.Understand the role of the nurse in the health and safety at work/occupational health team;
2. Recognize national and international occupational health policies;
3. Knowing the legal and normative framework of health and safety services at work;
4. Acquire knowledge for the organization and management of the health and safety service at work;
5. Reflect on the evolution of work/health relationships;

Executive Master in Quality Management Systems and Health Auditing

- Know the fundamental concepts of quality management systems;
- To assimilate health risk management concepts and techniques;
- Know the main quality management systems applied worldwide to health organizations;
- Acquire skills for the implementation and management of quality programs. 

Pedagogical coordination (IA&Saúde): Nuno Araújo; Rui Lima

Post-Graduation in Nursing in Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care

1. Develop skills for nursing professionals to provide qualified care to newborns/children and their families admitted to Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units, guided by humanization and ethics.
2. Update scientific, theoretical and practical knowledge that underlies clinical nursing practices in life-threatening situations;
3. Promote critical reflection on nursing care in Intensive Care contexts;
4. Acquire skills/competences to intervene in urgent and emergency situations;

Post-Graduation in Anesthesiology and Pain Control

- Deepen knowledge that underlies clinical nursing practices in anesthetic situations and pain control;
- Promote critical reflection on nursing care in situations of anesthesiology and pain control;
- Develop technical skills and procedures when administering analgesia.

Pedagogical coordination: Filipe Fernandes

Post-Graduation in Clinical Supervision in Nursing

- Develop skills in the field of Clinical Supervision in Nursing;
- Recognize the importance of Research for the develoment of Nursing;
- Update practices in clinical supervision based on scientific evidence.

Pedagogical coordination: Filipe Fernandes