XIX Congresso Nacional de Podologia

Over the years, the Associação Portuguesa de Podologia has concentrated all its efforts on organizing the largest and most renowned event in the specialty - the National Congress of Podiatry.

Our members:
Filipe Fernandes (31/05, 11h40): "Abordagem da via Aérea: Dominar a via aérea é ter os pés bem assentes";
Liliana Avidos (31/05, 16h00): "A Importância das Ortóteses Plantares no tratamento da patologia do pé";
Manuel Portela (01/06, 15h00): "O Pé Diabético: A visão da equipa multidisciplinar"

I Congresso Intelligent Dentistry 2024

Dentistry, like other fields of medicine, is undergoing a rapid transformation and evolution regarding the utilization of digital tools and artificial intelligence.
In this scenario, the "Intelligent Dentistry 2024" Congress aims to be a catalyst for innovation and progress in this area, showcasing the latest developments.


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